Yeast Infection – Men Also Have to Deal With It

Yeast infection, men can also ‘catch’ them? Yes, absolutely! When we think of yeast or Candida infection, we tend to associate those with women, who do get them more frequently than men. But the truth is men can definitely get infected. Why isn’t that very common knowledge? Well, men tend to keep such things to themselves and don’t usually see a doctor for help either. As a matter of fact you should always see a doctor if you are concerned about any aspect of your sexual health.

Actually the term “catch” a Candida infection is a misnomer. You can “catch” the flu, since that’s a viral transfer. To be infected with the Candida Albicans fungus certain conditions have to occur and it all starts inside your own body.

The Candida Albicans fungus is the culprit for yeast infection, men and women both are affected. Most of us have this natural fungus, Candida Albicans, in our system at normal and harmless levels, controlled by good bacteria in our bodies. For various reasons this balance can be disturbed, causing a Candida overgrowth, which then leads to the fungal infection. Typical triggers are antibiotics, weakened immune system, recreational drugs, diabetes, steroids, stress, poor diet, wearing damp or sweaty underwear or synthetic underwear and so on.

Candida infection can be transmitted during sexual intercourse, since most of the time the genital area is affected by the infection. If you partner already has it, male or female, the fungus can affect you too. So if one of you is suffering from this condition it is best of abstain from sex until you’re cured. (This is probably the only occasion where “catching” a yeast infection applies).

For a man the symptoms typically start with what’s called “jock itch”. The skin of your penis would be dry and flaky and the penis head would be red and inflamed. Painful urination, painful sexual relations or even inability to have sexual relations are also common symptoms. Also check the oral cavity. You would typically find a thick white coating on the tongue, yellow/whitish raised spots on mucous membranes and tongue, a cracked tongue underneath the white coating, bad breath and even difficulty swallowing.

Even though over-the-counter medications are readily available, they only threat the surface symptoms and not the root cause, which results in recurring yeast infection, men and women alike. Antibiotics specifically are being blamed for this, since they kill off the good bacteria too and thus leave the body “undefended” from a new Candida outbreak. Add drug resistance after several applications and you get the painful picture.

So the obvious route to take out of the vicious cycle is back to basics: natural treatments. The natural approach to yeast infection, men and women both benefit equally, is getting more and more popular, since the news about healing is spread fast by former Candida sufferers on the Internet. You should definitely take a natural and permanent solution to you Candida infections into consideration to break that recurring cycle and become permanently free.

Now that you have an idea about how to get rid of yeast infection [] you can discover the exact techniques so you can live a stress free and happy life. I know that what I’m about to reveal to you about how to get rid of yeast infection [] may sound hard to believe but it is 100% true.

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