Yeast Infection in Men, That’s Right Guys

Though many people are well aware of oral yeast infection in men, many are still uninformed about genital yeast infections. The men can get yeast infection as easily as women. Not only that, an infected male can pass on this harmful infection to his male or female partner on having unprotected intercourse. The infection like any other illness is defiantly unpleasant and uncomfortable. Hence it is good to learn and prevent oneself from becoming an easy prey to penile infection.

This infection originates from Candida. Candida is a fungus and is also popularly known as candidiasis. The candida begins to grow rapidly when in its favourable environment and thus causes the infection. The yeast infection in men appear on penis. As the infection grows, the penis of the patient becomes red, itchy and sore. This is the prime symptom of the infection. The discomfort is followed by slight bad smelling discharge. Also, the skin on the penis becomes dry and flaky. As the infection aggravates, the burning sensation at the head of the penis and the anal itching becomes unbearable. In some cases, the infection is also indicated by the presence of red spots or white patches on the penis shaft.

Practically speaking, every man is to some extent prone to this infection. It is so because even if you are healthy and maintain good hygiene, you may get this sickness from your sex partner. However, the men who are suffering from diabetes are more vulnerable to this infection and thus take special care. It is so because the sugar levels present in a diabetic patient’s urine is high thus offering a very suitable environment for the yeast to cultivate. Also, the men who are suffering from HIV, or have any other immunity hindering illness can become easy prey to this infection.

Yeast infection in men can be treated, cured and avoided with the help of various remedies. There are a number of home remedies which are fruitful and clear up the infection quickly. Also, a number of creams and oral medicines are there in the market to help and relieve the penile yeast infected men.

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