Effective Treatments For Yeast Infections Men Suffer From

Lest you fall into the misconception that only girls and women have yeast infections, men and boys can have them, too. Keep in mind that aside from the differences in our reproductive organs, men and women play host to the same fungi that cause yeast infections. There are many of these yeasts in the body, of course, but the most common is the Candida albicans, which is abundant in the digestive system and the genital areas – the good bacteria known as acidophilus keep the fungi from overgrowth by feeding on them.

It is when the good bacteria are overpowered by the use of antibiotics, by the wrong diet and lifestyle as well as transmission through sex does a yeast infection begin to manifest its symptoms. These signs include skin inflammation and irritation in the penile head as well as itching and burning over the penile shaft, with perhaps an abnormal discharge resembling cottage cheese.

Yeast infections men are living with can be treated with a few simple natural methods. Of course, these treatments have been shown to be safe and effective for use by just about anybody infected with candidiasis, which is another term for yeast infections. Keep in mind, however, that there are unsafe natural methods like the use of boric acid on your penis. You are well advised to keep boric acid and your private member a safe distance away from each other.

You can choose from among these safe, effective and natural methods to cure yeast infections men suffer from. Of course, these are very discreet treatments so you need not worry about advertising your shame with the lovely pharmacist.

o If you are already taking garlic supplements for its heart benefits, then you can increase your dosage to help your body fight off the infection in a better manner. You may also complement said garlic supplements with coconut oil or oregano supplements for maximum results.

o If you are a yogurt fan, then you just need to increase your intake of the good stuff. Yogurt contains acidophilus that restores the normal balance in your digestive system, thus, allowing for faster recovery. Just be sure that you stick to the plain, unflavored, low-fat variety as the sweet additives and preservatives in the flavored kinds can worsen your symptoms. This is because yeast feeds on sugar so the more sugar you take in, the more difficult it will be to heal yeast infections, men and women alike.

o If you cannot take the itching sensations, you can always take a warm sitz bath. Just fill the tub halfway through – just enough to immerse your private parts in the water when you sit on the tub – then mix half a bottle of apple cider or white distilled vinegar. You should sit in this mixture for approximately 15 minutes in the morning and evening.

Of course, a healthy diet of consisting of vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains and legumes is very essential in the treatment of yeast infections men can suffer from. Men are well advised to lay off on the coffee and alcohol since these contain substances that foster the growth of yeasts.

Indeed, the yeasts infections men are suffering from need not become a source of extreme embarrassment in the bedroom and locker room. Just remember not to buy into those over-the-counter medications as these provide only temporary relief from your symptoms.

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