Cure For Yeast Infection? Men Can Get It Too

Yeast infection is caused by certain fungus called Candida albicans. This organism is present in our skin as part of its normal flora. Also it can be found in the genital area. But because of the anatomical structure of the female vulva, it is more susceptible to infections, particularly to yeast infection. But don’t get the idea that females are only affected by this. Men too can be infected by these organisms.

This type of infection on males are quite rare. Since the anatomical structure of the male genitalia prevents the growth of it. Because every part of it is exposed, moisture build up is prevented and it can be easily dried after a bath. Still, it is not enough for males not to have this, since fungus is part of the normal flora.

The most common cause of yeast infection on males is sexual intercourse. Men can have sex with woman infected with yeast infection since the symptoms are not noticeable compared to other sexual transmitted diseases. Poor hygiene can also promote its occurrence especially if he did not take a bath after doing it with his infected partner.

Antibiotic therapy can also cause yeast infection. Antibiotics are designed to kill the bacteria it intends. But one of the side effects of it is that it affects all bacteria especially if it is a wide spectrum antibiotic. Definitely, acidophilus bacteria will be affected by this and the yeasts can easily proliferate.

Diabetes is a hormonal disease that can make your blood sugar high. When your blood sugar is high, some of it can be deposited to tissues and also prevents the proper circulation of blood to different parts of the body. This will be a perfect environment for yeast growth. Sugar is a perfect food for yeast and because of lack of proper circulation, certain components of your immune system are unable to reach and fight the yeast.

Symptoms of yeast infection on males are similar to females. This includes extreme pruritus (itching), soreness and blisters of the head and body of the penis. The blisters are very itchy turning the glans penis very red. Sometimes, other infection can occur especially when you scratch the blisters. You can expect to see some white clumpy discharges, similar to cheese but not as profuse as the vaginal discharge of the females.

Treatment of this infection includes topical and oral anti-fungals. Usually these different forms of anti-fungals are combined to produce an effective treatment. Diflucan and Nizoral are some anti-fungal medications that are effective in dealing with this type of infection. You can try some home remedies that can deal with it. Combine a few drops of vinegar with some female anti-fungal cream. Let it still for over a night. In case that it is ineffective, consult your physician and have it evaluated thoroughly.

Yeast infection can be easily treated. But once you have the disease, you must always consider your partner because she might also have it. Both of you must be treated at the same time to prevent transmission of it to one another. Also, you should not take this yeast infection for granted because there could be a serious disease underlying this infection.

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