Candida: The Yeast Infection Men Also Suffer From

Is it possible for males to get a yeast infection? Men are mostly unaware of this possibility, but yes it’s true, yeast infection is definitely possible in men and it is not only a problem that women face.

here is a general lack of awareness about the various aspects of the disease among men, which means that most often it remains undiagnosed, even when infected quite seriously. If left untreated, it could spread to other parts of the body and eventually begin to affect your lifestyle.

Here is a list of causes of yeast infection in males.

• Antibiotics – Aren’t antibiotics supposed to prevent an infection? However prolonged use of certain types of antibiotics could cause an imbalance in the candida present in the human body resulting in an infection. As antibiotics fail to distinguish between the good and bad bacteria in the body, they end up killing both.

• Diet – If you have a diet which is rich in carbohydrates, yeast, dairy and sugar it will increase the risk of the infection. Foods which are made from ingredients that promote yeast growth such as pizza, bread and cake are all considered high risk.

• Diabetics – Men who suffer from diabetes are also at an increased risk.

• Low immunity – If you suffer from low immunity due to sickness or for any other reason, you could also be at risk for yeast infection.

• Sexual activity – Although it is not considered a sexually transmitted disease, yeast infection does spread through sex. It is one of the most common causes of infection. If your partner is infected, it is most likely that you might get affected as well if you have unprotected sex. If infected, it would be advisable to refrain from sexual intercourse.

Here is a list of symptoms of yeast infection in males.

• As yeast infection in males affects the entire body, it could result in painful joints and muscles. In some cases it could also lead to arthritis.

• Some men suffer from depression and anxiety, which could make them feel less energetic. It could also result in a decrease of sexual desire.

• Irritation and itching in the infected area.

• A red sore on the head of the penis, which is a very painful condition, is a visible symptom.

• Burning sensation while passing urine is a common symptom of the infection.

• White flakes on the foreskin along with blisters could be a common sign. The folds of the foreskin are the ideal place for the bacteria to prosper and it is where a lot of men get infected.

• Discharge from the penis, which is quite sticky. There can also be a pungent smell, which accompanies the discharge.

All of these causes and symptoms can put you at risk of developing a yeast infection. Men, you need to be aware of these possibilities so that you don’t have to continue to put up with the subtle ways that a yeast infection can affect your lifestyle, energy levels and general well-being and happiness.

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